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Danielle Campbell is the hottest dog walker ever

07.11.2016by: Droz

The consistently swoon-worthy Danielle Campbell had her pups out for a walk in one of Southern Cali's many canyon hiking opportunities this weekend, (yes, that was a double entendre) looking more beautiful and sexy than anyone out walking the dogs has any right to be. She's one of my favorite hotties to look at and revere for her perfect everything. Unfortunately she's still stuck in the high school movie bullshit, which nowadays tends to consist of crap so innocuous as to render any helicopter parent completely out of ammunition where the raising of shit storms go. It makes a salty person like myself feel kinda bad for the kids of today, who are so far away from the halcyon days of John Hughes movies. Maybe this is why they keep remaking them, in some feeble attempt to recapture their magic for a new generation. Sorry, it's never happen. Don't get me wrong. Danielle would have made a fine Sloan Peterson for FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF back in the day. Her making sexy in the back of cab or all wet in a pool would have been exceptional. Unfortunately, Danielle was born too late. Good thing Mia Sara wasn't. I have no regrets.

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