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Danielle Campbell could babysit us anytime

06.24.2016by: Droz

The one thought which first comes to mind whenever Danielle Campbell shows up somewhere is just how adorable she is. Then of course one proceeds into the natural recognition of her sexiness and an appreciation of her overall hottie cred. Yet for me, acknowledgement of her cuteness comes first. This process of recognizing Danielle's virtues reminds me of how we all felt about Katie Holmes back in her late 90s heyday. You saw Katie in anything and you were immediately compelled to swoon in starry-eyed bliss over her sweet everything. The sight of Danielle at the premiere of the entirely unnecessary remake of ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING gives me same sort of tingles Katie once did a thousand years ago. There are so many kinds of hotties to choose from out there in celebrity land - hotties to please any need or desire. Sweethearts like Danielle are the kind you want to take home to mom and thus prove to the world you're not a total perv who would otherwise scare away such an adorable creature, even though you probably are.

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