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Danielle Campbell caught in and out of her bikini top

05.12.2016by: No Cool Handle

I often say Kristen Stewart has one of the mopiest dispositions in Hollywood. In a not-too-distant second is the CW starlet Danielle Campbell, who often look so miserable she's positioned to knock Ms. Stewart right out of the box and claim the number one spot as her own. She couldn't look any more melancholy on her Mexican getaway – filled with fondling and fornication. Perhaps it's because she's aware of the distasteful photographer camped out behind their secluded bungalow, but I think not. If they were aware of his or her presence, the scorching hot Danielle probably would have refrained from ridding herself of tan lines by removing her top. The uncensored images have yet to be released but rest assured, the moment they are, they'll be added to this preliminary set of candids. For now, wet your appetite and marinate in anticipation for a while.

Side note: I don't know whether I find her taste in men a plus or minus. On the one hand, the fact that she doesn't seem too particular – sit down at any local dive bar and look three stools to your left or right and you'll find a similar looking fella – is hot because, shallowness is the natural enemy of normal schmoes like us. On the other hand; really? – this guy?

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