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Daniela Lopez Osorio's sandy cheeks in Galore

06.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

Galore is definitely the right word to use when trying to accurately describe the amount of Daniela Lopez Osorio ass pics one wants to see included in a spread. Considering there's only nine photos and almost half of them feature one of the best backsides in the bikini modeling biz (including one sand-covered close-up, sure to create a build up of saliva), Galore Magazine lives up to its name – they also threw in a pokies picture for good measure. The glamour mag titled this bit: Daniela Lopez’s Guide To Summer Beach Style. But considering there's three photos where her lid is completely cropped off, a better title might have been: Daniela Lopez – so hot she doesn't need a head. It's not very PC (or witty, for that matter), but hey... I didn't crop the photos.

Source: Galore


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