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Daniela Lopez Osorio's ass back in Beach Bunny bikinis

05.17.2016by: No Cool Handle

If Victoria's Secret isn't going to capitalize on an ass like the one attached to Daniela Lopez Osorio, at least Beach Bunny Swimwear is around to pick up the slack. Why the lingerie giant doesn't involve one of their only models with an ass worth stroking to in more of their featured shoots, I haven't a clue. It's come to the point where I prefer the models Beach Bunny deems worthy of constant utilization over that of Victoria's Secret. Don't get me wrong, I've spent some time with images of Elsa Hosk, but she doesn't possess the kind of entrancing curves this Colombian import does. Upon perusing the summer collection, I noticed a number of other preferable hotties that make up BB's all-star team, including today's Sexy TwitPics subject, Kara Del Toro -- another favorite of mine. Maybe it's a Latina thing. Get a move on... some of the best ass shots this month await.

Source: Beach Bunny


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