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Daniela Lopez Osorio makes a steamy entrance at The Gold Obsession Party

10.05.2016by: No Cool Handle

If the world's most alluring women weren't so obsessed with being regarded for their fashion sense, people like me wouldn't give two shits about New York fashion week, Paris fashion week or Yugoslavia's fashion week. During those weeks, events like The Golden Obsession Party take place and world renowned hotties come out of the woodwork to make a memorable impression. So it went for one of the world's most prominent bikini/lingerie models, Colombian born, Daniela Lopez Osorio. Despite the fact that she has, what many consider, the finest ass in the biz, Daniela chose to make her equally illustrious legs the centerpiece of her ensemble. The decision ended up being spot on; I can't help but think there was no reason she couldn't have made a few minor alterations to showcase that ass a little bit, though. I mean.. I love her legs and all, but man... that ass.

Source: Hawt Celeb


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