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Daniela Lopez Osorio is at the top of her bikini game

01.16.2017by: No Cool Handle

As far as I'm concerned, Daniela Lopez Osorio can list her name among the top supermodels of this generation. Even when matched against dominant contenders like Bryana Holly, Elsa Hosk and incumbents like Adriana Lima, Daniela's ass is arguably the best. Here she is in another bikini shoot looking like she's spending much of her free time carefully etching out an hourglass figure, but not at the expense of her classic Colombian backside. If anything, the tightening of her midsection gives that thing more pop. This is a concept hotties like Bella Thorne fail to grasp. There's a difference between tightening up and shedding too many pounds. Ms. Osorio has just proven she has the drive to shape herself in her preferred image, willing her body into perfect visual condition.

Source: Hollywood Tuna


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