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Danica McKellar proves she's a Hallmark of hotness for 2015 Summer TCA

07.31.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I want a reboot of "The Wonder Years." I figure if they can do it with "Boy Meets World" and fast forward to a future where Cory and Topanga are successful adults to teenaged children, why can't they do it with Winnie & Kevin? Oh, that's right. The elder Savage and the grew-to-be-insanely-beautiful Danica McKellar were on a 1980's television show that was set in the 1960's. So they'd have to be grandparents and clearly neither of them look to be in their 60's. You wouldn't know it by the career choices that McKellar has taken on recently, being a part of the Hallmark Channel's lineup of weeptastic and melodramatic programming. Sure, she looks amazing, far too amazing for Hallmark (who seems to have snared sexy Julie Benz) as well. BY GEORGE, WAIT! I'VE GOT IT! Film the new Wonder Years now but set them in the 1980's! The final result would have to be better than "The Goldbergs," if not doubly successful!
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