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Danica McKellar is a Hallmark of lasting hotness

01.11.2016by: Cherry Liquor
She just turned 41-years old on January 3rd but Danica McKellar still looks as if she could play the high school version of Winnie from "The Wonder Years" even today. Over the weekend the actress attended the 2016 Winter TCA for the Hallmark Channel, where she's been sowing her acting oats these days. Her time on "Dancing with the Stars" definitely shaped up her mom bod quite a bit but it's not as if Danica went into it looking all too shabby either. While everyone is talking about their joy over "Fuller House" getting its spin on NetFlix, I'd love to see the cast of TWY instead, even if the show was considered retro back when it was first released. I say just have Kevin & the gang deal with being grownups during the 90's instead. I can live with a new show about a time near and dear to my heart. Plus, I really don't want to watch the Hallmark Channel or any of its programming.
Source: CelebMafia


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