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Danica McKellar is a delightful circus of nostalgic hotness

12.11.2015by: Droz

I'm seeing so many familiar hottie faces entering their 40s this year. That might be terribly, terribly depressing, if they weren't doing so with so much grace and timelessness. That's always the impression Danica McKellar leaves me with whenever I see her nowadays. It's actually quite astounding how much she still resembles her 13-year-old former self. That face hasn't changed in the slightest in all this time. She does wear a set of faux snake skin pants a whole lot better nowadays though. I think my adolescent self would be just as pleased to behold the Winnie Cooper of today as he was the younger version. In fact I know he would, were he to see her wearing a bikini like in the social media pic below, for which this whole article is just a pretense to show.

Danica McKellar Bikini Social

Source: Hawt Celebs


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