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Dania Ramirez's bikini booty surrenders to the wind

08.15.2016by: No Cool Handle

Way back when I first found out Dania Ramirez was going to be Turtle's love interest on Entourage, I was so sure we'd get one decent look at her goods – it didn't happened. She never seemed as interested as others to become a major player in the skin game, despite being endowed with a bevy of attention worthy features. Luckily for us, we have more in common with a stiff breeze than you might think. We all want to get a good look at her tight ass in some bikini bottoms, the only difference being: the wind actually did something about it. Said breeze provided a nice wave for her throw over to ride, and ride it did. So high, it would've made Marilyn Monroe blush. But the hot Latina hardly stifled, reacting instead with an accepting smile. Leave it to an event like The 4th Annual Just Jared Summer Bash to bring out the free spirit in a truly noteworthy babe like Dania Ramirez. She brought a lot of heat to an already hot afternoon.

Source: ns4w


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