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Dani Thorne contributing to the Thorne Dynasty's bikini legacy

12.28.2015by: No Cool Handle

Mr. and Mrs. Thorne have turned manufacturing sexy redheads who look great in bikinis into a regular cottage industry. You've got to ask yourself if creating the next possible reality TV dynasty was on the agenda. Now we have the sister of Bella Thorne (the hottest of the litter), Dani Thorne, adding to the family's not so long history of donning barely there bikinis for the soul purpose of mass consumption. Like the Kardashians, I have no idea exactly what these photo friendly siblings are famous for, other than their knack for exploiting their knockers. It's really only a matter of time before we see this family navigating the mundane routines of daily life on the Oxygen network. If they did an uncensored version for Showtime, where the possibility of nudity or sexual encounters in HD loomed over each episode, I might actually give it a shot.

Source: Hollywood Tuna


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