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Damn it feels good to be Jennifer Lawrence

06.26.2015by: Droz

There was a time when a happy, giddy Jennifer Lawrence was something you expected to see when pics of her out and about turned up. Lately she's regressed into a far more dour persona, much like in that first pic below. Stone faced and silent, one often sees her quickly rushed in and out of black SUVs like some sort of state dignitary under threat. That makes it all the more refreshing to see old Jen return here, at least for one night. I suspect there was some concoction of happy juice behind this sudden outbreak of silly as Jennifer made her way from dinner to wherever else she was going on this night. That's the spirit, girl! Don't take it all so seriously. You're young and beautiful and hot and desired and rich and in demand. That calls for a celebration. Work those dance moves, or do walrus faces with your chopsticks, if that's the kind of party this is. Maybe next time you're out and feeling freewheeling, you might see how the world feels without any clothes on. I hear there's actually a pleasant draft that wafts over you when walking around bare-assed in public. You should research that first hand, Jen. What could it hurt?

Source: Superior Pics


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