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Dakota Johnson's nipples reporting on the cold London temperatures

02.19.2016by: No Cool Handle

Only time will tell if Dakota Johnson can make lemons out of lemonade. Sure FIFTY SHADES OF GREY was a huge financial success, but it's always difficult for the headliners to make a career out of anything else, and I don't know if the those tales of innocence lost are capable of becoming a franchise with longevity. Her latest leading role in the movie, HOW TO BE SINGLE, looks to serve as a new beginning; a way to break from her association with sexually deviant behavior. Based on the response from people I know who've seen it, it may not do the trick. But enough career speculation, let's talk about something important. She showed up to the British Academy Film Awards in London without her oppressive friend, the bra. This provided the Internet with some nice images of her pokies; that's erect nipples to the layman. There may not be any strong indicators of her career trajectory, but those rack rivets are a strong indication that it was a indeed a brisk night in Britain.

Source: The Nip Slip


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