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Dakota Johnson turns Late Night with Seth Meyers in her own personal leg show

02.02.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I guess I should bother to make time to watch Dakota Johnson in FIFTY SHADES OF GREY so that I can legitimately make fun of it. I thought that perhaps reading the book was punishment alone but from what people keep saying, she's at least the best thing about the movie version of the most panned book ever written. There were reports that Jamie Dornan was pressured to leave the money making franchise after his wife got upset with the raunchy material, but from all accounts, the actor took a look around and figured out which side of the fence he wanted his bread buttered (or whatever mashup of colloquialisms you want to use) and signed on for the sequels. (How much more interesting would Charlie Hunnam have been in the role of Christian?) Considering that Johnson has picked up more work than Dornan from the massive exposure from GREY, including this month's release, HOW TO BE SINGLE, I can understand how the dude would want to bail. After all, Kristen Stewart's career will sail on while Robert Pattinson seems to be struggling to find respect since TWILIGHT wrapped.
Source: Fashionista


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