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Dakota Johnson put on a lot of clothing to promote her taking it off

02.02.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I finally got around to watching FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY. In full disclosure, it came in the mail (that's right, I have more than just streaming for my NetFlix because I love to torture myself) back in December and it took me nearly a month to finally cave and watch the stupid thing but in all fairness, a buddy of mine who works for a publication company gave me a free copy of the book and I took about 3 years after getting it to actually read it, so a month is nothing. The book is f*cking terrible. As in, no redeeming qualities as a piece of literature. AT ALL. The one thing that I can say about the movie - it's faithful to the book. Which means that Dakota Johnson spent a lot of time nude for really no good reason other than the fact that she gained a foothold in Hollywood outside of her famous parents. I find Dakota to be a bit boring as an actress, a bit too whispery and dull, which was perfect for the role because that character is all boring dullness. Her average beauty also fits quite well as Anastasia. Any other actress would have been too pretty, too interesting. But what is going to happen AFTER these movies are done? I'm kinda curious to figure out where she goes from there.
Source: E! Online


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