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Dakota Fanning was pale, pretty at St Laurent fashion show

02.12.2016by: Cherry Liquor
While the other Dakota is getting a lot of attention this week thanks to her new movie HOW TO BE SINGLE looking to scoop up the dollars from unattached ladies of the world, Dakota Fanning was in Los Angeles with her sister Elle (sorry guys, she's still not yet 18, so you'll have to wait to see pictures of her on here) for the St Laurent fashion show at the Hollywood Palladium. Fanning is often seen as a fashion forward actress but she rarely tries to go crazy with her style, sticking to simple dresses that show off her better features. This black off the shoulder gown gives us a great look at her lovely pale skin and the makeup, while striking using that blue eye shadow, is still pretty tame compared to the painted faces we tend to see at these events. Hurrah for a new era actress keeping it old school sexy.
Source: Tom and Lorenzo


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