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Dakota Fanning is happy to get showy from top to bottom

10.19.2016by: Droz

They're still out and about doing press stuff for this AMERICAN PASTORAL movie. Last week it was Jennifer Connelly getting leggy in a hot dress for a publicity event. Now it's her costar Dakota Fanning's turn to bring out a little skin for the press peoples. Although the white number she had on for her SiriusXM interview showed off more than a little skin. This thing is cut low and high in all the right places, which means there's not gonna be any attempt at modesty with a dress like that. Anyone who slides themselves into this dress accepts the fact that crossing their legs is gonna let the whole room see halfway up their ass. We've seen Dakota bring out her sexy side before, but I always forget just how cool she is with being this literally and figuratively cheeky. But that's okay, because being forgetful makes it a surprise every time she shows up looking so hot.

Source: NSFW


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