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Daisy Ridley & Felicity Jones represented the geek contingent at the BAFTAs

02.13.2017by: Droz

I suspect the BAFTAs wouldn't be as high on our radar here, were they not known for bringing out some of the best and brightest hotties Old Blighty has to offer. It just so happens an increasing number of the world's most beloved women call the UK home in some fashion. Two of the newest entries on this list of Britain's best, Daisy Ridley and Felicity Jones were on hand for the big Brit strokefest, looking adorable as usual. Daisy once again warms the heart with her perfect little smile. I do get such a nice feeling from her when she does that. Felicity too looked rather remarkable. It's too bad they never gave her a chance to look this cute in ROGUE ONE. Seemed like she was constantly in a state resembling someone who just spent an afternoon rolling around in a roadside ditch. I like her a lot more when she cleans up. I'm not sure if those nipple like areas in the last two pics below are actual nipples or just a little pasty safety measure she employed to keep her modesty intact. I suspect it's the latter. Alas.

Source: Superior Pics


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