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Daisy Lowe's up and down skirt moments remind me why I love her

07.27.2015by: Droz

Showy English sex kitten Daisy Lowe is over here in the States, enjoying the novelty of living in a land where precipitation is rare and it's the sun that greets you every morn, rather than a vast, unending shroud of grey mist. She must also be wowed by our reasonable gas prices. Well, reasonable to her anyway. I hear the English are paying around $10 per gallon for what might only cost us $3. Perhaps she was so shocked by our bargain basement petrol prices that she momentarily lost sight of how short and loose her dress was on this day. Thus her dual up and down skirt moments while going about her business. Or perhaps this is just another instance of Daisy being Daisy. She don't care if you can see her tits a little red lace peeking out from under her gingham number. Reminds me of girlfriend I used to have back in the last century - right down to the Doc Martin-looking boots combined with the baby doll dress. She didn't mind if I caught sight of the the occasional flash of lingerie either. She even engineered a few flashes from time to time. Great gals.

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