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Daisy Lowe treats Miamians to a curvy bikini show

01.03.2017by: Cherry Liquor
When it comes to the British tabloids, there seems to be an ongoing love affair with bashing Daisy Lowe and her curviness, which seems positively ridiculous to me. In recent months, Lowe has shown off a marked weight loss since her time on Strictly Come Dancing, a UK show similar to Dancing with the Stars, which also turns into the Z-lister diet show, since all the contestants shave off the pounds during their hectic practice schedules. I never thought that Daisy was all that offensively thick to begin with, but then again, I appreciate natural tits and natural tits need body fat to be impressive, so there you go. Daisy was filled with smiles as she hit the beach in Miami for a winter holiday that helped her escape from a case of the drearies that tends to befall those in England during this season. So she gets a welcome escape and we get the benefit of being able to check out the hotness she's so happy to show off. Win-win, if you ask me.
Source: Daily Mail


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