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Daisy Lowe packs her exceptional curves into an ordinary one piece

12.28.2016by: Droz

We don't see enough of Daisy Lowe. I mean that both in terms of her physical presence and also the once abundant barely dressed moments from the English hottie. It wasn't that long ago she was all over the place, doing her sexy spreads in a number of high profile things. I'm not sure what happened there, but lately she's been harder to come by. Fortunately she joins practically every other UK hottie in fleeing from their could and damp homeland to warmer climates, where wearing little is required attire. Knowing Daisy's penchant for showing off, I would have thought she'd angle for the bikini. It's a little disappointing she didn't go with something more provocative for her beach adventures, but there's enough of Daisy's curves on display here to get the gist of what makes her great.

Source: Superior Pics


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