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Daisy Lowe is one super sexy dog walker

10.20.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I don't know how she did during her turn on the British version of Dancing with the Stars mainly because I don't want to bother to go looking it up, but considering that we haven't seen any more images of Daisy Lowe in her workout dancing tights, I'm guessing things didn't shake out well for her. Then again, it might just be because it's much colder where that show is filming, all the more reason to relocate this super fox to the states so that we can enjoy her curves in the warm California sunlight. It's bad enough that she's dressed up so much for her dog walk, showing little more than some thigh in black stockings, although that's fairly sexy in and of itself. But when you see videos of Daisy jumping about in her undies, pictures like this always leave you craving more. Like that time she was in Playboy, back when Playboy still did full nude shoots...

Source: Daily Mail


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