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Daisy Lowe has her spandex game ready for her Strictly Dancing debut

09.01.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I know that Daisy Lowe's main claim to fame is being the daughter of Bush frontman, Gavin Rossdale, but prior to getting that paternity stuff sorted, she had already kicked off a modeling career, based off her mother's background in fashion design. Since getting splashed in the news because of how her parentage might have meddled with Gwen Stefani's perfect life, Lowe has been seen more with celebrities and other nonsense, including the UK's version of "Dancing with the Stars," something referred to as "Strictly Come Dancing." If this means that we're going to get updated every time she enters or exits the dance studio, sporting spandex on those lovely curves of hers, I'm down. Daisy seemed to be ready for the competition as well, going braless in a see-through red dress for the launch held on Tuesday night. (Plus, we share a birthday, so I know she's at least awesome by proxy.)
Source: Huffington Post


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