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Daisy Lowe has another curvy dip in a sexy swimsuit

01.06.2017by: Droz

Most of the holiday hotties have come home from their vacations by now, but there are a few stragglers who simply can't get enough of that warm sun. It makes sense Daisy Lowe is one of those. Right now it's 42F and rainy right now in London, which is a stark contrast to Miami Beach's 77F and sunny. Girl was pretty much made for such activities, but unfortunately she's not gonna get a chance to fulfill her purpose back home in Jolly Old England - not unless she wants to freeze her fine ass off. So if she can come up with a reason to extend her stay, it's probably a wise plan. Sticking around in Florida also gives Daisy more chances to roll out more sexy swimwear to showcase her sexy curves in, which is the true reason I take such an interest in her vacation itinerary. I'm all for keeping her here in the States for as long as possible.

Source: Superior Pics


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