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Daisy Lowe goes for a dip, shows off her nips for Ponystep

04.06.2015by: Cherry Liquor

You gotta love Daisy Lowe. Even when she's not posing fully nude for Playboy or just dropping some awesome sideboob at industry events, the British model knows how to grab your attention. That's not even bringing up those hacked Fappening pics of her with Matt Smith and his other magical Tardis (a simple google search of "Daisy Lowe Nude" will bring that link right up for you). Now she's done a sexy shoot for Ponystep magazine, another one of those publications that I've never heard of before but am grateful for. I must be honest in saying that her ass is lacking just a tad but that might be due to the fact that we're all getting a bit more jaded about women's haunches since the fat ass trend. 

To see the unedited, NSFW versions of the images below, CLICK HERE.

Source: WWTDD


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