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Daisy Lowe did a fine job of closing out the holiday 2015 bikini season

12.30.2015by: Droz

It's funny how this time of year works. Hotties frolicking in bikini-wearing weather are supposed to be the purview of summer months, but the truth is that it's always summer somewhere. If you have the means and the time to pull of an endless summer, why not do it? Not that getting away from the cold was much of an issue for many of us who have a problem with that here in The States. What was it, 72 in Central Park on Christmas? Yeah, meanwhile we here in supposedly sunny California are dealing with subzero temps and rain. That global warming sure is a bitch, huh? Anyway, none of this screwiness is stopping Daisy Lowe from squeezing her child-bearing hips into some hot swimsuits. Daisy might not be the most glamorous or beautiful woman out there, but I suspect she could probably screw your brains out and leave you begging for more. I'll take that over sweet and cute any day of the week.

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