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Daisy Lea getting sand in all sorts of places for 138 Water

04.20.2016by: No Cool Handle

138 Water is a lot like Walmart in the way they employ retirees. The only differences is the purveyor of bottled water and exploitation employs a specific group of retired folks, specifically, Playboy playmates. I was somewhat reluctant to post these images of former playmate Daisy Lea because of her deceitful practices. A video surfaced of this surgery obsessed blonde injecting her ass with some sort of inflation serum before her photo shoots. However, sexy images of her with those fit, and probably surgically enhanced, legs spread wide are difficult to ignore; at least she has a talent. One can only imagine the amount of sand that clings to her when she puts her clam to shore – enough to send chills down Anakin Skywalker's spine, that's for sure. There are 30 odd photos of this bit of beach side frivolity... you better get clicking.

Source: NSFW


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