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Cutie Andi Eigenmann gets wet & topless in FHM Philippines

05.06.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Here I was thinking that Andi Eigenmann was just another cute face & great body chosen for those attributes to pose in the pages of FHM Philippines' May 2016 issue. Turns out the beautiful 25-year old is more than just a pretty face plucked out of obscurity. Eigenmann is the daughter of Jaclyn Jose and the late Mark Gil, two popular actors in the Philippines. Andi herself does more than modeling, having appeared in various Filipino movies and TV shows, including one that looks as if it was created just for her (something called "Andi" where she's listed with a number of character names). What's great about this shoot with Andi is that it capitalizes on her natural beauty, featuring little makeup and from what I can tell, even minimal Photoshopping. Then again, I have a thing for freckles and you get to see them on her like a sprinkle of rainbow colored bits on a serving of frozen yogurt. So, yeah, that too.
Source: FHM


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