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Cutie Alison Brie is doing it for the kids at Viacom event

03.04.2016by: Cherry Liquor
There's still no word on when Alison Brie will be turning that engagement to Dave Franco into the finalized deal, but that's not stopping her from hosting a special kids & family event held by Viacom in New York City on Wednesday night. Why didn't anyone tell me how funny Little Franco was in UNFINISHED BUSINESS? While Vince Vaughn knows how to churn out a work day with the same spunk as a minimum wage fast food drone, Dave stepped up and provided some great giggles in that misguided flick. (Seriously, if you go R-rated, it's a bit hard to sell all of that heartfelt crap in there as well.) We're going to be seeing more of Alison when she co-stars with Anna Kendrick and Miles Teller (another young buck worth every penny) in ROGER DODGER director wunderkind, Dylan Kidd's next comedy, GET A JOB, due out later this month. The cast list for the movie is insane, packed with so many good people that it might just be hard for people to ignore (great for Kidd, who is a mastermind, even if he didn't write the script on this one). 
Source: Zimbio


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