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Cuban-born actress Ana De Armas' sexiness is tough to replicate

08.02.2016by: No Cool Handle

One of the many interesting things about BLADE RUNNER was that it portrayed and android (Sean Young) as a sexual being. Who's a better sexy catalyst to continue the exploration of such themes in the BLADE RUNNER remake/reboot than Ana De Armas (she's been cast in an unknown role; I'm going to assume it's as a seductive fembot)? If anything, the movie should explore the implications of a future where her alluring beauty is so easily replicated. If every person on earth possessed one, there would be no war, misery or malcontent; they'd be too busy having every need tended to by their own personal skin job. If it were me, I'd have her re-enact this awesome GQ photo shoot every Tuesday night – that's right, Tuesday night is GQ night. I dare not say aloud what is on the menu for Sunday nights. Rest assured, it involves applications not even the Tyrell Corporation envisioned.

Source: GQ


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