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Cry Baby's Babe Jailed!

06.30.2010by: Cherry Liquor

Remember Amy Locane? Yeah, most people don't. I thought she was a cool little blonde number back when she was in CRY-BABY and since I'm a girl and all girls (and most boys) are born with a viral strain making them incapable of NOT watching Johnny Depp movies, of course I've peeped that show about a thousand times. I even remember when she was on the first season of "Melrose Place," back during the time that they were going to cancel the show and figured that Heather Locklear was the safer blonde to rely on. That and her being the bitch girlfriend in AIRHEADS pretty much summed up Amy's career before she ended up with bit parts in SECRETARY and a handful of other crap you haven't heard of.

Turns out that Locane has been up to an ass-load of no good, causing Cry-Baby to shed many a jail-house tear. No worries, since she's slated to be in there with him. Since married (to a liquor store owner... this must be stated), Locane has become a drunky and crashy, much more different than those who drink and drive. She was arrested the other night in New Jersey for hitting the car of a man who was attempting to park his car in his driveway, killing his passenger and seriously injuring the driver.

It was discovered that earlier in the night Amy had drank a lot of wine (see, I f*cking tell you that these women who think they're hot shit because all they drink is wine are alcoholics like all the other swill drinking slovenly punks of the world) and rear-ended another car, then fled the scene of that crime, crashed up some mailboxes and ended up with her final manslaughter incident. If convicted, the former actress looks like she'll be doing up to 10 years in prison.


Extra Tidbit: And since mugshots are always a great reminder to stay sober when driving or take public transportation if you're not... here's Locane today.
Source: DListed


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