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Courtney Stodden wants to be your white trash mermaid

05.05.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Since it's Cinco de Mayo, might as well feature one of the whitest chicks in Santa Monica. Remember Courtney Stodden? We developed a minor thing for her when she went around doing Maitland Ward-type photoshoots after turning 18 - a mere 2 years after marrying that creepy guard from THE GREEN MILE (who was 50-years old at the time of their nuptials). Stodden is still around and now she's pretty much for sale. The self-described "professional blonde" is on the dating website WhatsYourPrice.Com, a spin on the Ashley Madison thing where instead of just hooking up, you have to pay to take women on dates. Which sounds a lot like... well, I think you know what it sounds like. Stodden had and up-and-down relationship with her much older husband, whom she divorced this year (again? I can't remember how many times they've done this for the attention) and at the ripe ol' age of 22, she's now trolling for a new, um, whatever the hell she refers to her beaus as. I honestly don't have anything against the girl for doing what she wants to do, but it is a bit like watching HOWARD THE DUCK. You can't look away but you also can't fully process what the f*ck it is you're seeing either.
Source: Celebzz


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