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Courtney Stodden might want to find Zahia Dehar's footsteps to follow in

10.05.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Let's forget for a second that there was just a Presidential Debate that everyone whined about, making Big Bird the most popular trend on Twitter and causing gas prices to rise around 30 cents a gallon overnight. (Am I the only one who noticed the severe gas price hike from yesterday to today? Jeez.) Let's think of what a woman needs to do in order to gain attention for being good at nothing but the natural, physical capabilities that she was born with. Courtney Stodden, the child bride to Doug Hutcherson, has been trying to sell herself as a model, a singer, hell... even a pumpkin molester. But the way things are done over in Europe plays out in a much more interesting fashion. Prostitution is legal in the country of France so long as the woman exchanging her services for goods is at least 18-years old. Back in 2008, a young woman with an entrepreneurial spirit, Zahia Dehar (then 16), met French footballer Franck Ribery and began "dating" him on a semi-regular basis. Over the course of the following year, he introduced her to a couple other players on his team who were interested in donating thousands of pounds to her "cause." When the men were caught, tried and shamed for the sexual exchanges, Dehar moved on to a more upstanding profession - that of a lingerie model. Now 20, she is currently designing her own line of lingerie and swimsuits and making a more than decent living off of it.

What's the difference here? Most Americans are descendents of those who left Europe for the opportunity to create "religious freedom." Seems as if Europe has been better off without them ever since.


Source: The Superficial


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