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Country pop tart Jessie James Decker is MILFtastic in a tiny bikini

03.02.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I wonder if Carrie Underwood has Jessie James Decker's number because I would love to see the latter call up the former and convince her to round up all of these untapped country hotties and get some more bikini shoots out of them. I honestly didn't know who Decker was until I checked out how adorable she was frolicking about on Miami beaches for a photoshoot, celebrating the fact that she looks fit AF for a mom of 2 and a woman with a bank account big enough to buy a perky pair of tits. I guess Jessie not only sings but is married to some football player, not that I care about those dudes other than the fact that they tend to be able to afford hot wives. She's been posting about how proud she is that her tummy has some loose flesh on it after having had a couple of kids (one in 2013, the other in 2015) because that's what these celebrity women do these days. We get it, you love your children and yet still have to show off your body because it's in your job description but you still want to come off approachable to the demo that buys whatever it is you're hawking. If you complained about it, it might just resonate more with us average folk. Just saying...
Source: TMZ


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