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Costa Rica enjoys detailed views of Hilary Duff's bikini booty

02.17.2017by: No Cool Handle

"The Duff" really doesn't give a f**k. There's a few photos in this set which provide enough evidence to prove Hilary Duff knew her little shore side date in Cost Rica was being photographed. That didn't stop her from canoodling with her latest boy toy; in plain sight, fully lit under our nearest star and aiming her no-no special place directly at the camera. She's not gonna let some bullshit like watchful eyes deprive her of the pleasures public groping provides. Surely she spends time on the Internet and is well aware [that] it's impossible for high profile hotties to bend over in a two-piece without the whole world knowing. I can't help but think the voyeuristic thing gets the fires burning, or at the very least, enhances the excitement. There are enough ass shots among these images to satisfy even the most jaded Hilary Duff enthusiast – more than the usual amount garnered from her average bikini romps. And in The Duff's case – someone who is constantly being photographed in a two-piece – that's saying a lot.

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