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Contest: Win Amber Heard's hot pants from Drive Angry 3D!

02.09.2011by: Mike Sampson

If you've seen any of the trailers or commercials for DRIVE ANGRY 3D, you probably have come away with at least three things: Nicolas Cage, a film actually shot in 3D and Amber Heard's short, short shorts.

Yes these short shorts...

Those Daisy Dukes that used to belong to Heard and her DRIVE ANGRY character Piper, can now belong to you courtesy of the latest and quite literally greatest contest from!

We're giving away the actual pair of hot pants Amber Heard wore while filming DRIVE ANGRY 3D to one lucky reader! Added bonus? How about if we get Amber Heard to autograph them for you too!

So how do you score this one-of-a-sexy-kind bit of movie memorabilia? Normally we just ask for your name and e-mail address but with a prize this cool, we wanted to come up with something a little more ambitious. Here's what you need to do:

E-mail us at joblocontests [at] with the following information: your full name, a valid e-mail address and your case for why you should be the one to win Amber Heard's pants. Submissions can be long, short, funny or serious and, while not a requirement, may be improved with any kind of multimedia attachment (including, but not limited to, photos, videos or audio). Tell us why you think you should wear win Amber's hot pants and we'll pick the best and most creative winner and award them the prize!

As you may know by now, we also have a new CONTESTS section on the DD which will allow you to keep track of all the exciting things we're giving away and share this story with your friends and family.

Good luck to one and all! Winners will be announced on February 25th (when DRIVE ANGRY 3D hits theaters everywhere).

** North American residents only **

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