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07.31.2008by: Seth Gecko

splash_ccilogo.gifAs most of you know by now, the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con has completely wrapped up and it was one hell of a year for fans who had the chance to go and see all the popular panels being presented. It was estimated that over 140,000 people attended the event and that number will undoubtedly keep rising with each passing year. I for one have never been which really sucks but I hope that I can change that next year for sure.

As a special report for MovieHotties, we're going to be bringing you a first-hand look at most of the gorgeous actresses that attended the Comic-Con this year and there sure was a ton of them. If you're heart doesn't start racing from these photos, you may want to rethink your sexual orientation folks because these hotties looked good. So stay tuned as we bring you all the latest updates from the event and to see the photos below nice and big as they should be, just click on each one. Enjoy!

One of the hottest TV actresses of all-time is now becoming quite the big movie star. The orgasmic Mila Kunis also attended Comic-Con this year to stand beside Mark Whalberg during their panel and promotions for the upcoming game adaption, "Max Payne" which is looking pretty f#cking awesome if you ask me. She couldn't possibly look hotter in the shots below and just thinking of her as a deadly assassin in the movie just makes it that much sweeter.

It looks like the marketing machine for "The Spirit" is definitely in high-gear as the big stars of the film arrived at Comic-Con to take part in a number of events including a special panel and an autograph signing session. The lovely Jaime King was there and damn did she look good. Unfortunately however, she wasn't joined by either Eva Mendes or Scarlett Johansson which totally blows since their presence would practically bring the house down.

I'm on the fence when it comes to whether or not "Punisher: War Zone" will be a good movie as I was a huge fan of Thomas Jane in the first one and his absense is a hard hit for me. However, I'm hearing that the movie is unbelievably violent so I think I just might take a gander anyway as I do love my quality kills. Another factor which draws me to the film is the beautiful Julie Benz who has become quite the big star over the course of a year. She's sexy as hell and her appearance at Comic-Con this year was a welcome one.

What would Comic-Con be without a bunch of awesome after-parties featuring stunning celebrities looking their best for nerds like us? As a celebration to the big event, both Entertainment Weekly and the Sci-Fi Channel held a big party for everyone and Tricia Helfer, Katee Sackhoff and Amber Heard were amongst those who attended. Hot damn!

You're probably thinking to yourelf, "Why the hell would Seth mention Summer Glau at the Comic-Con the other day for "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" but not even mention the uber-hot Lena Headey? The truth is that I didn't have any photos of her yet so bite me. However, we have some great new shots of this goddess and man does she look quite edible. Work it Lena!

Mmmmm....Camilla Belle is one of the women who could just stop you dead in your tracks if you suddently set eyes on her. It's quite a treat to see her at Comic-Con this year as she was there to speak about her new sci-fi/action thriller called "Push" which comes out next year. Any movie with Camilla is worth seeing but if you add action and sci-fi elements into the mix, it jumps up to my number one for 2009 baby!

We all know Kristen Stewart and damn do we love this girl. Ever since I saw her in "Panic Room" all those years ago, I've been absolutely in love and her new role in the novel adaption of "Twilight" has me pretty damn excited. She was at Comic-Con this year to promote the film along with some other big players and she couldn't have possibly looked better.

Finally, no Comic-Con would ever be complete without a visit from Hayden Panettiere and I say that because for some reason, she seems to be the heart and soul of "Heroes" (even though I think Ali Larter is way hotter!). She looked pretty good for the event but without Ali by her side, the event couldn't reach its full potential. However, Hayden still looked pretty yummy so way to go.


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