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Coming over to Sandra Vergara's place is the next best thing to her cousin Sofia

04.15.2013by: Droz

Sofia Vergara's little cousin Sandra Vergara recently did a photoshoot for the always fantastic Me In My Place, proving that this family's genes need to be put in a freezer and preserved as a precious world treasure. There's a bit of a story behind Sofia and Sandra's relationship. Sandra is both Sofia's cousin and sister. Seems Sandra was adopted by Sofia's mom when Sandra's mom got sick and could no longer care for her. Sad story, but man what a happy ending. Can you imagine these two growing up together? They must have had every guy in Columbia beating down their door, desperate for just a glimpse. I've seen Sandra around before, but I think this photo spread has given me a new appreciation for her. I'm getting a little Kelly Brook vibe from her. Or something like Sofia and Kelly mixed together. That's a fine blend.

UPDATE: Unfortunately the original source website and Ms. Vergara's reps have asked us to remove all of these images, so we have have done so.
Source: Me In My Place


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