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COMIC CON: Milla Jovovich & Ali Larter bring the zombie-killing hotness to Hall H for RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE!

07.27.2010by: Seth Gecko

comicconlogo09.gifGreetings comic book enthusiasts and movie lovers! Welcome to the annual coverage of the 2010 COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL. For the past few years now, I've enjoyed bringing our fans and visitors only the best in sexy photos of attending actresses as well as up-to-date information of what's going on at the panels along with our staff on-location. This year which is guaranteed to be the biggest Comic-Con yet will be loaded with tons of hottie appearances and I'll be covering every big panel from now until Sunday. With big names such as Natalie Portman, Olivia Wilde, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and so many more attending for the next few days, I'm gonna be busy. So stay tuned everybody for all the latest hottie developments from the biggest show in the world!

I honestly cannot explain why watching beautiful women beat the living shit out of full grown men or blasting a cap through a zombie's squash is the sexiest thing in the world to me. Even though I can't find the answer, I just live with the mystery and simply enjoy watching two of the best girls in the business do their thing while looking good for the camera. The two actresses I refer to are the very sexy Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter as they'll soon be seen in RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE which is the 4th installment in the film series. Both ladies were present at CON during the weekend (Ali is VERY pregnant now) and we've got a ton of terrific photos of both of them for you all to enjoy below. So check them out and stay tuned for the latest coverage.


Extra Tidbit: Be sure to check out the JoBlo team's special coverage for RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE by clicking here. Apparently all the 3D scenes looked phenomenal!


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