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Collateral Beauty's UK premiere gets an assist from Kimberley Garner

12.20.2016by: Cherry Liquor
While I haven't seen it myself, from everything I've heard from those who have, COLLATERAL BEAUTY is such a mess, it can't be saved from even its giant cast of top-notch A-listers. (Even our own Christopher Bumbray said it sucked.) So while the majority of us in the States are widely ignoring the oh-so-uplifting Xmas tale of a father and his dead child, the movie's distributors were hoping for a friendly welcome across the pond as they debuted the film in London and invited lovelies such as Kimberley Garner to bring some much needed light-hearted spirit to the event. I don't think even Keira showed up to promote this turd on her home ground, but at least we have Garner and her icy veins braving the cold to bring up the beauty factor. One of the things that I've always loved about this lady is that she doesn't have that overly prepped makeup look going on like so many statewide celeb wannabes do, choosing to keep it simple and smile a ton while giving the cameras a chance to snap her from all angles. I almost can overlook that she's not in a bikini.
Source: Daily Mail


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