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Coffee stays hot in Ashley Benson's hands

09.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

Normally, a hottie walking down the street - wearing a standard issue top and jeans - doesn't warrant a lot of attention, even when the hottie in question is pretty little Ashley Benson. But the way that striped top helps outline what a truly magnificent pair of milky white mounds Ashley has, makes these coffee consumption pics worth a look. Add to that a midriff exposing a bellybutton any sane man would sip latte out of and some skin tight jeans; you've got some unlikely fantasy imagery, here. I've been jonesing for Ashley Benson bikini pics all summer long, it just hasn't been a fruitful season. This leaves me clicking through bouncy boob scenes from SPRING BREAKERS (I don't care what anyone says, the movie was unbearable). Between those clips and these images – pictures that make me wish I was the straw from which she was sipping – hopefully, they'll suffice. At least until she decides to take a shore side vacation.

Source: HawtCeleb


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