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Cobie Smulders made a glamorous appearance at Jack Reacher's London premiere

10.21.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Judging by yesterday's responses to Battle of the Babes, Cobie Smulders ranks rather high on your personal favorite hottie lists, so this Friday post is dedicated just to you guys. The London premiere of JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK managed to escape the often rainy reception that movies tend to get over there, which meant we got a great view of Cobie's fit, pale shoulders as she graced the crowds with big smiles and waves. The other beautiful face in attendance was the movie's pretty Jersey Girl, Danika Yarosh, an 18-year old blonde with a resume that contains Broadway appearances. Tommy Boy certainly knows how to pick them when it comes to casting the right women for a role, although I'm sincerely hoping there was never a time in Danika's childhood where she saw herself married to Cruise because I'm fairly certain Oprah's couch is still secluded at some hippe dippie ranch, deep in therapy.
Source: Daily Mail


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