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Whoever decided to put a watch on Bella Hadid overdid it a little

02.24.2017by: Droz

Oh yeah, bring on the pun-induced groans. I can't pass up such rich pun fodder as what Bella Hadid was wearing for this Bulgari fashion show event. I wonder if Bulgari is going to make the watch dress a thing anyone can own. Imagine, ladies, going to your big event with nothing but a bunch of wrist watches between your fellow party goers and your naughty bits. Okay, sure, most people would wear underwear under their timepiece dress, but it would appear Bella eschewed at least one piece of undergarment for her temporal runway strut. I'm pretty sure she ain't got a damn thing on under the other dress she's wearing in the gallery below. Such is Bella's way. Maybe the crack of her ass is showing through her sparkly dress. Could be some nipples are peaking out of another dress. She don't give a damn. The real embarrassment for her seems to be if people aren't looking at her T&A. Don't worry, Bella. We're looking.

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