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Claudia Romani's bum is captivating, no matter how many times you see it

10.20.2016by: No Cool Handle

This marks the fifth feature for Claudia Romani in a short span of two weeks. For some reason or another – and by some reason, I mean, her ass – it's practically impossible to ignore the kind of photos she creates. In her recent social media write-up, I had this to say: She hardly leaves her place of residence without fully intending to provoke, and subsequently, to be photographed doing so. And to that I hold. It's the very same reason we see her denlm thong being gobbled up by her butt cheeks; the same reason she was "caught" bending over while wearing them, and, working out in them. She knows it creates a sight that's impossible to ignore. Anyone crossing her path with a camera in hand will take time out of his/her day to stop and snap. In fact, based off the quality of her "impromptu" imagery, it's no stretch to assume she has her own official photographer follow her around every time she leaves the house. So be prepared for more racy Claudia Romani sets coming down the pike.

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