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Claudia Romani's ass belongs in The Louvre

10.05.2016by: No Cool Handle

Miami's neighborhood hottie, Claudia Romani, is back with her usual airing-out-the-ass antics. This little taste of Italy sure does look incredibly scintillating when doing what she loves to do – drawing attention to that snack pack she calls a booty. Whether bending over to grab something out the backseat of a car, crawling around a bed on all fours or sticking that thing out while strolling along the trail, it always looks irresistible (actually, a dirtier description than irresistible comes to mind but I try to show a little restraint); how guys don't fall to their knees in Ms. Romani's presence is something of mystery to me. If I offer my willful subjugation to her while looking at these photos, I can't imagine what kind of awkward declarations I'd shout at poor Claudia if I was standing within 50 feet of her actual, physical presence. Each and every Claudia Romani photo asks the question: How much do you want this? I leave it to you – the dear readers – to provide an answer.

Source: The Superficial


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