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Claudia Romani wants you to stuff her stocking

12.23.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I am really missing Maitland Ward. Last year we already had her sexy Xmas photoshoot, complete with Christmas lights strung around her breasts. While I have heard some suggest that Italian model and Miami bikini exhibitionist, Claudia Romani could be a replacement for her, there really isn't a comparison in my mind. I don't understand Romani's appeal, although I will also be the first to concede that there are several people who don't understand Ward's. Romani draws as much attention to her ass as possible but it isn't particularly special, with little muscle tone and average-at-best shape overall. Bending over constantly gets people to pay attention but it's more for that curiosity factor, wondering if we're going to get the downstairs version of a nip slip. (Brown-eye wink?) And while Claudia seems to be enjoying herself in these less-than-candids, less-than-professional shoots, I can't help craving Maitland's sweeter smile, genuine expressions and more inspired themes. All I want for Christmas is some more of that ginger goddess goodness.
Source: Saw First


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