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Claudia Romani likes to remind people she has boobs

03.01.2017by: No Cool Handle

Claudia Romani took a break from being publicly grouped by her new boy toy long enough to do an ass-filled photo shoot at the Circus Tattoo parlor in Miami. Seriously, these are the only photos released in recent weeks that don't feature a nauseating amount of the Italian exhibitionist fondled by some towheaded horndog who also seems to relishes in voyeuristic ventures – kindred spirits, to say the least. Claudia and Chip or Sven or whatever the f**k his name is have been on a public relations tour, flaunting their newfound romance in front of the camera. I doubt you'll see any of those images make their way to the Movie Hotties section, but if you need a dose of Claudia Romani's huge bust and Italian made ass, this lingerie spread should serve nicely as a quick fix. There's plenty of Ms. Romani's barely covered curves on display; Sven and his wandering fingers are nowhere to be found.

Source: Hot Celebs Home


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