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Claudia Romani lets her ornery ass do the talking

12.09.2016by: No Cool Handle

Besides using her ass to support a carefree lifestyle, Claudia Romani likes to use that booty to make political statements, drive horny individuals crazy or simply use it as a way to put onlookers in their place with four-letter expletives. (This is where I would usually slide in a bad pun like "she's just being cheeky," but I won't.) I highly doubt she's as angry as her bikini bottoms suggest. She was full of energy and grins – both horizontal and vertical – as she crawled around the white sand beaches of Miami. This is what Claudia Romani considers working out? From what I can tell her exercise routine consists of contouring into positions she normally uses to tantalize; sticking her ass up in the air, angling her massive cleavage towards the lens, even putting herself in positions that push the bounds of good taste – you know, the usual. Just thinking out loud: I wonder if she ever consider renting advertising space on her ass?

Source: Got Celeb


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