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Claudia Romani is up to her usual ass-popping antics

04.20.2017by: No Cool Handle

At this point, Claudia Romani is set to autopilot, her sexy antics and standard poses (poses which primarily consist of sticking her Italian ass up and out) used in another set of manipulative imagery – and here I am, the easily manipulated. Sometimes, I can't help but feel like Claudia Romani's unwilling servant, perpetuating, without question or modicum of self-restraint, her constant string of hiney hijinks. I can't help myself, there's something about the sight of Claudia using a yellow and white checkered wall for extra support, just so she can push that ass out a bit further – as if she volunteered to be on the receiving end of a full body cavity search. This seasoned exhibitionist is like THE FAST OF THE FURIOUS franchise: No matter how many iterations, no matter how similar each of them are, people show up for the next installment. She may be a one trick pony, but still, it's a pretty nifty – and extremely stimulating – trick.

Source: Got Celeb


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